Over and over again I’m hearing it’s a new day of increased favor, and that it’s going to be a year of unlimited change. For some of you, it’s been a long time coming, but I hear the Lord saying—He’s about to take you to the top. Get ready. Get ready for increase!

A New Day of Increase

The Lord continues to confirm to me that it’s a completely different and new day. In a recent dream I’d gotten a radically short boyish type haircut. Since I’ve had long hair for quite some time and had no clue how to fix it, I decided to look through a hairstyle magazine at a salon for ideas. As I flipped through the pages, I saw an illustration of a particular style for someone with long hair. I turned to the woman next to me and said, “Well, that would’ve worked yesterday, but not today!”

I continue to have dreams of new clothes, new haircuts, new jewelry, and going to new levels of all kinds. What’s interesting is that even God built into us the desire for something new. I think just about everyone appreciates springtime with its new growth and new life, and enjoys trying a new restaurant, a new outfit, or a fresh new haircut from time to time.

Over and over again I’m hearing it’s a new day of increased favor, and that it’s going to be a year of unlimited change. For some of you, it’s been a long time coming, but I hear the Lord saying—He’s about to take you to the top. Get ready. Get ready for increase!

The Time of Anointing Coming

Another recent dream I had seemed to shed some light concerning what these new levels might entail. The setting was the home of a good friend who’d been letting five or six people stay at her house for an extended time. The idea was that she was already being extremely generous, and several of them had even contracted some health issues and had recently prolonged their stay even more.

To my surprise, she announced she’d made a decision to let 1,000 people stay at her house—my jaw literally just about hit the floor! She was apprehensive of course, but there was enough room to make it potentially feasible. The home resembled more of an enormous warehouse than a typical house—yet still seemed homey somehow. There was even a small private plane in one corner she was apparently going to allow people to use, and the plan was for people to crash in sleeping bags on the floor. As they arrived, leaders appeared who took various roles of responsibility in an effort to keep things organized.

My husband and I left her house riding a motorcycle. Suddenly a grizzly bear appeared on one side up ahead and we were like, “Woops, better go another way.” Then someone appeared on the opposite side with a weapon of some type aimed right at us, and again it was like, “Hang on, we’d better dodge that too!” That’s when I said to my husband, “Well, I guess I’ve been hearing about going to new levels!” When I woke up I heard the Lord say yet again, “Get ready for increase!”

Parts of the dream seemed self-explanatory. Huge increase. Big responsibility. Stretching the limits. Generosity. Service. Staying alert. Dodging danger. As I prayed and pondered the dream, I sensed the Lord said, “It’s bound to be a bit messy, inconvenient, and even chaotic at times, but it will be well worth the effort.”

Zechariah 12:8 reads: “In that day the Lord will defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem; the one who is feeble among them in that day shall be like David, and the house of David shall be like God, like the Angel of the Lord before them” (NKJV). The increase and the time of anointing coming is for the purpose of harvest, and the shaking that many have experienced is meant to carry us through any political tumult, or danger, that we may encounter.

The Baby Called “Harvest” Has Walked!

Several weeks ago I had a powerful dream. I was crouched down on my knees opposite someone holding a baby poised to take his first step. As I gently coaxed him he took one tentative step, then immediately fell crying into my arms. Taking that step had really scared him, and he clung to me for dear life! Smiling, I shushed him and tried to comfort him saying, “It’s okay, it’s okay—it’s good! You just took your first step—you were walking!” The dream ended as I held him and continued to comfort him, and tried to distract him with something else.

Both my husband and I bore strong witness that this dream was of a similar vein to several I’ve had about babies named Revival and Awakening, but this time the Lord identified the baby to me as “Harvest.” How profound! Something else I felt was profound was that the baby was Amerasian—a blend of east meets west—which I felt was an expression of global harvest. My sense is that Global Harvest has taken its first “baby step,” and although it will seem terrifying because it will stretch us so much—it’s okay, it’s good—it’s all good!

Triple Increase, Not Double

The Lord has also been repeatedly showing me we should expect triple increase, not double. My first thought upon hearing this was, “Is there a Scripture for that?” I’m very familiar with the references to double increase in Isaiah 61:7 and Zechariah 9:12, but could not at first think of a reference to triple.

Then I remembered the story of when Balaam blessed Israel three times. If you recall Balak, king of Moab, attempted to hire Balaam to curse Israel. But God would not allow it, and each time Balaam tried, a blessing came forth! Numbers 24:10 reads: “Then Balak’s anger was aroused against Balaam… and Balak said to Balaam, ‘I called you to curse my enemies, and look, you have bountifully blessed them these three times’” (NKJV)!

Friends, I don’t think we realize the enormity of the blessing and increase that’s coming, in spite of those who might have tried to curse you. God has a harvest to bring in, and although it will certainly stretch us beyond our limits, he has raised up a people who are willing to use this increased blessing and favor to do it.

As we wait for this manifestation of harvest, it can seem like we’re stuck in traffic—everybody’s impatient. You know, like when the light turns green, but there’s nowhere to go because the intersection’s jammed with people who have run through on yellow or red from other directions, and now they’re stuck too, with nowhere to go.

But it’s coming, I can feel it and I’m sure you can too. Get ready for increase, for the time of anointing for the purpose of harvest has come!

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