You have more ground to cover and more things to see. Doors of opportunity are about to fling wide open for you. You have no idea of the things you’re about to see!

More Ground to Cover: More Things to See

My husband and I just recently returned from Ft. Worth, Texas where we attended the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) World Finals. The backstory is that I just finished a Master in Theological Studies, and somewhere in the long challenging process of completing this degree, my husband had told me he’d take me on a trip anywhere in the world I wanted to go when I finished.

The morning before we left, I had a prophetic experience before waking up. The Lord was singing a song over me to the tune of a country song titled, “So Many Skies” (by Caroline Jones and Matthew Ramsey) in which a couple sings about how lucky they are to have seen “so many skies,” and about how many more skies they’ll see together (see Zeph. 3:17). The phrase ringing in the air as I woke up was: “I’ve got more ground to cover and I’ve got more things to see.

Since I didn’t have to get up yet I decided to stay in bed and pray. I began praying concerning a word the Lord has given me over and over again—that someday our ministry will build an orphanage in India. As I interceded for this country, its children and this future orphanage, I distinctly heard the Lord say, “It will be a miracle orphanage. There will be miracles in it all the time.

Before getting up I also heard the Lord reference a situation in which my husband and I were considering writing a letter to a woman concerning a piece of real estate we are interested in purchasing. I heard, “Let’s send that letter to the lady who owns (that property).”

Later in my quiet time I sensed doors ready to fling wide open—it’s like I can see them. It’s like nothing can stop it and we have no idea of the things we’re about to see. Isaiah 22:22 (NKJV), which is a verse many prophetic voices highlighted for 2022 immediately came to mind: “The key of the house of David I will lay on his shoulder; so he shall open, and no one shall shut; and he shall shut, and no one shall open.” (See also Rev. 3:7-8.)

Friends, I firmly believe the things I heard are for many other believers besides me. You have more ground to cover and more things to see. Doors of opportunity are about to fling wide open for you. You have no idea of the things you’re about to see!

Divine Opportunities

You might not be a PBR fan, but God has positioned you strategically somewhere not everyone else can relate to or will be, and through our experiences at these finals, I gained more insight into what the Lord had been speaking to me.

One of the things that kept happening was that we would be in just the right place at just the right time, or meet or be seated next to someone central or influential. Through a “chance” meet-up in the elevator we became friends with the parents of some of the participants. We ended up seated in the arena next to the widow, family and friends of the man who was honored in a special ceremony as being one of the most influential men in establishing the PBR, and for whom the championship trophy was named after. In addition to playing such an important role with PBR, he was also arguably said to be one of the most influential men in western sports history.

We kept walking into opportunities to get pics taken with riders, where they’d be available to fans at sponsor tables, but no one else was around. We loved encouraging them and even prayed for healing for one kid’s back in Jesus’ name!

Some of the riders we had pics taken with include Silvano Alves (who has earned three PBR World titles), Ramon de Lima (who we watched win the PBR event in Nampa, ID while visiting our daughter in Boise), Cole Melancon, Colten Fritzlan (who ended up No. 5 overall pick in the first ever PBR teams draft), and Derek Kolbaba (who we prayed for healing for his back).

And then there’s the one that got away.

It’s Not the Season to Hold Back

As much fun as we had getting pics with some of the riders, there’s one we could have gotten that we didn’t, which I regret. It just so happened that when we first got there, we had the opportunity to have our pic taken with Daylon Swearingen of New York, who ended up winning the 2022 PBR World title! Again, he was just sitting there with no one else around. Except we didn’t recognize the opportunity for what it was, and by nature, my first instinct in that type of situation is to hold back—so we walked right on past him.

Later I kept thinking to myself, “Why did I hesitate? Why didn’t I take that one step towards him?” He would have been more than willing if only I had. Because I saw divine fingerprints all over this missed opportunity, I asked the Lord if there was anything He wanted to say, or if He was trying to teach me something through this.

Here’s what I felt He spoke to me about this missed opportunity. “Don’t hold back. It’s not the season to hold back. If we had gotten our picture taken with him, we would have celebrated in the moment, but we would not have learned the lesson to not hold back.”

A Supernatural Ability

One final thing about the doors that are about to fling open before you. Some of those doors will surprise you, and you might feel totally unqualified or out of your element. Several months ago, the Lord began giving me a list of seven abilities for a new agility for this new era that’s begun. One of them is a supernatural ability, to be able to accomplish tasks previously unattainable.

Shortly after I heard this my husband was offered a position as an assistant football coach at our local high school—the same high school where he served on the school board for years, and where we successfully removed Planned Parenthood from the sex education program.

Space does not allow for describing all the reasons why I’m so excited about this new opportunity for him and for what the Lord plans to do in this community through the new coaching staff! It was a completely unexpected door that opened and one that will require supernatural ability.

Friends, I don’t know what opportunities God has or will put before you, but I do know this. It’s the season to expect miracles. To send that letter. To take that risk. To take that first step. To try something new.

This is not the season to hold back. You can rest assured—God’s got your back!

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