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“Ancient plans are transitioning into the present future by means of a divine time gate—2023 marks the beginning of our acceptable season to seek the Lord for the strategies that will transition us to becoming strategically positioned during this divine opening in time.”

Strategically Positioned

After these things I looked, and behold, a door standing open in heaven. And the first voice which I heard was like a trumpet speaking with me, saying, ‘Come up here, and I will show you things which must take place after this.’ Immediately I was in the Spirit; and behold, a throne set in heaven, and One sat on the throne” (Rev. 4:1-2, NKJV).

Recently the Lord has been speaking to me about openings and open doors. I am also hearing other prophetic voices talking about things like doors of opportunity and windows of opportunity, but I feel prompted to release what it is that the Lord has been showing me about openings.

One of the things the Lord has highlighted to me concerning open doors is that they represent doors of revelation. I see this as not just revelation as to what God is saying and doing in the earth at this time, but also revelation to you as an individual regarding what your part in His plans are, and the specific strategies needed in order for you to execute them.

In other words, there is a time sensitivity to these openings I am sensing, through which—by seeking God as to what His specific plans are for you—you then become strategically positioned and fully equipped to perform whatever exploits He has planned for you in the next season ahead.

A Time Gate

My husband and I were recently privileged to host a prophetic conference in our area, and we brought in a very good friend and trusted prophetic voice to lead in worship for us.

After the conference was over, the three of us shared a powerful time in seeking the Lord as to what He was doing and saying to us and concerning our area, and a word emerged which we all bore strong witness to. The three of us were in agreement with the word the Lord gave me, which was—we are in a time gate.

The Lord confirmed this with several physical signs and supernatural manifestations. One of these signs included our antique mantle clock chiming nine times—the number of transition—at the exact moment we were discussing this, and it was not 9 o’clock!

A Head Scratcher

Quite naturally, we began to consider, “What’s a time gate?” (I venture to guess that’s the same thing you are likely wondering, also.) If I’m honest, the meaning of “time gate” is a bit of a head-scratcher. So, we did what anyone does nowadays—we googled it.

The best definitions I found, as far as what resonates with my spirit relative to time and the potential meaning of a time gate, was posted on a site named, “Reverso.” Let me share several of the definitions posted there with you:

  • the continuous passage of existence in which events pass from a state of potentiality in the future, through the present, to a state of finality in the past.
  • relative to physics, in classical mechanics, time is absolute in the sense that the time of an event is independent of the observer. According to the theory of relativity it depends on the observer’s frame of reference. Time is considered as a fourth coordinate required, along with three spatial coordinates, to specify an event.
  • an accepted period such as a day, season, etc.

There were a number of other definitions posted to the site as well, but these three stood out to me the most. Let me attempt to explain why, and what I think a time gate might best represent.

Back to the Future

The thing that fascinates me most about time is that the Ancient of Days is outside and beyond it, and created it for mankind as a point of reference (Gen. 1:14). Therefore, for you and I to expect to understand exactly what a “time gate” represents is probably not realistic.

That said, concerning the first definition listed above—my paraphrase of that statement as it relates to a time gate would be—“God is connecting His plans from Ancient Days for the Last Days through a time gate of present transition. A time gate is therefore an opening and means of transition by which He is taking us back to the future.”

Concerning the second definition (and I freely admit I know nothing about physics—my degrees are in theology, after all), my paraphrase of that would be—“Just as I know nothing about physics, I know next to nothing about how God truly views mankind relative to his place in time. Time depends on one’s frame of reference—therefore, since God is beyond and outside of time, He can easily provide a method of transition—by means of a time gate—to transport us back to the future concerning His ancient, yet at the same time imminent, divine plans.

Supposing I haven’t lost you yet, the third and final definition listed above speaks to me of a “Kairos” moment. In other words, an opportune, appointed, or accepted time. Again, this speaks of time sensitivity—an open door or window provided by God for a particular time during which something specific is purposed to happen. Various meanings for “Kairos” include the right time, or a limited time (Strong’s #2540).

Interestingly, this third definition also reminds me that the Lord gave me Isaiah 61 for my word for the year, in which the Lord showed me that 2023 was the “acceptable year of the Lord” (vs. 2). Therefore, based on this third definition of a “time gate” as an accepted period of time, my paraphrase of that particular definition is: “Ancient plans are transitioning into the present future by means of a divine time gate—2023 marks the beginning of our acceptable season to seek the Lord for the strategies that will transition us to becoming strategically positioned during this divine opening in time.


If this word resonates with you, I invite you to pray and declare with me:

Lord, I invite You to speak to me and to show me how it is that You would like to strategically position me to help fulfill Your ancient purposes for the Last Days in the upcoming season. Thank You that You are inviting me to ‘Come up here,’ so that I might be able to see and know all that I am to do to become ready to be one of the kingdom people who are recognizable because they know their God and are strong and carry out great exploits!” (Dan. 11:32b, NKJV, emphasis added).

 Amen and Amen!

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