For those who’ve been calling upon the name of the Lord, their provider, as they endure storms of process, be encouragedThe Lord doesn’t want you to stress—He’s got it covered!

Provision in Process

I’ve had provision on my mind a lot lately. Not only have I heard the Lord say He has provision on His mind for you, but I’ve been dreaming about it too. In one dream recently I was sitting outside in an open area with several other people. One, an older gentleman, seemed to be a combination of my father, teacher, and friend—someone who watched over me. A dark ominous cloud appeared off in the distance in one direction, and as we watched it moved closer and closer. At first I thought it was birds, then I decided it must be bugs—whatever it was I knew it couldn’t be good. I looked over at my “friend” for some guidance or direction, but he said nothing. Instinctively I turned my back, hunched over slightly and pulled my shirt up over my nose and mouth in order to breathe. As the insects hit I repeated over and over under my breath, “Jehovah-jireh, Jehovah-jireh, Jehovah-jireh.” I was still repeating this over and over as I woke up.

The Lord then began speaking to me about process. You know—that thing God does where He molds you, shapes you, works all things together for good if you love Him and are called according to His purpose—that thing He does to conform you into the image of His Son (see Rom. 8:28-29). God has been putting so many of us into and through process. If I do a video, post, or article about process it’s the least watched, least liked or commented on. Nobody wants to hear about process and yet it’s so important.

I felt the swarm of bugs held a representation of process. No one wants to go through an experience like the one in my dream, but the bugs just happened, much like process does. And like the older gentleman, sometimes the Lord remains silent when we’re looking to Him for direction. There are even times during process where spiritually you just hunker down until the worst passes while repeating under your breath, “Jehovah-jireh, Jehovah-jireh, Jehovah-jireh.”

“Jehovah-jireh” of course means, “The Lord will provide” and comes from Genesis 22:14. It’s the name Abraham gave to the place where the Lord provided the ram to be used for the sacrifice instead of Isaac. Did you catch that? “The Lord will provide” is the name of the place of radical, sold-out, sacrificial obedience. When you live in that place, the Lord will provide what you need. It might be financial, spiritual, physical, emotional or even relational. For those who’ve been calling upon the name of the Lord, their provider, as they endure storms of process, be encouragedThe Lord doesn’t want you to stress—He’s got it covered!

Kairos Moments and Destiny

Right now timing is key. For many, a season/era is ending—a chapter is closing and another is opening. I’ve heard, “The doors are opening—slowly.” This doesn’t mean your “suddenly” isn’t coming, but new beginnings bring change, and change can mean a process of transition until a point of finality or closure is reached. I saw this illustrated in a dream in which my grandmother had recently died and I was standing on her front porch. (In real life she died about twenty years ago in her nineties.) Everything – like the light fixtures – was exaggeratedly old. I was aware that someone had been there and recently finished cleaning out her house. My sense was not that I missed her; instead, I had a strong sense that a season or chapter had ended. I thought to myself, “How many times have I come through this door? How many times have I come into this house to visit her? And I won’t be any more.”

We’re in a season of Kairos moments having to do with times of opportunity and destiny. I’m hearing there’s been a shift. For some, it means you’re coming into a season for which you have been in preparation and process for your whole life—a season of ultimate destiny! For others, it means accelerated advancement on your particular path of destiny. In either instance, all that’s required is to be in that place, like Abraham, of radical, sold-out, sacrificial obedience. That’s the place of provision for the process on your path to ultimate destiny.

Accelerated Justice

We’re also in a season of accelerated justice. Several years ago I shared a dream in which the Lord showed me this season coming. My husband restores old vehicles, and in this dream he had acquired a highly desirable and valuable vintage motorcycle, although I understood that it wasn’t running properly and needed work. The make of the motorcycle emblazoned on the gas tank was “Justice.” I believed then as well as now that the Lord was speaking we’ve entered a season in which justice will be restored at an accelerated rate.

I’ve heard the Lord say He is descending to bring accelerated justice especially in two specific areas right now. The first has to do with those who’ve experienced injustice from those that operate under religious spirits—like the Pharisees, or old religious guard. To these I hear the Lord saying, “That’s about to change.” He’s about to bring justice to those who have been disrespected and mistreated by those who manifest religious spirits.

The second is somewhat related. The Lord directed me to the story of Samson where He asked the Lord for revenge upon his enemies in his closing moments (Judg. 16:28-30). I’ve heard the Lord say, “It’s time [for Him] to exact revenge on all those who have mocked and disparaged us… according to Your word and will—it’s time for payback, for repayment.” I had to look disparage up in my dictionary to be sure of the meaning: it means to speak slightingly of; discredit; show disrespect for; belittle.

It is with a spirit of humility and the fear of the Lord that I release this word. Our part is to bless those who curse us and to forgive those who revile, persecute or despitefully use us. So in that spirit let’s pray together now—the united, Kairos- moment coming together of the body of Christ—“Lord, forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. Thank you, Jehovah-jireh, for providing all that we need. Let Your kingdom come and Your will be done, for Thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever.” Amen and Amen.

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