If President Trump—who is pro-life, pro-traditional family, pro-Israel and pro-religious liberties—were to by some miracle gain reelection in 2020, wouldn’t that be the best Christmas present to the family of Christ of all?

An Amazing Gift For Families

It’s interesting that the Lord tends to talk to me about families around Christmas time year to year. I think it’s because long ago on that first Christmas morn, a divine moment in time created the family unit our Lord Jesus would call His very own—linking Christmas and families for all time. Particularly amazing is that Jesus can relate to what the blessings and trials of family life are truly like!

There are several things the Lord has highlighted for me concerning Christmas and families this year. First is that He is moving to heal individuals and families that have been shattered by sexual molestation or rape within households. I was surprised when the Lord recently directed me to the story of Tamar, which is found in 2 Samuel 13. It’s a sad story—a heartbreaking story—and when I asked the Lord why He directed me there, He showed me that this Christmas season a divine window of opportunity exists to press in for healing from sexual trauma experienced within families. He is also moving to heal relationships that have been fractured by this, releasing new levels of compassion and grace for forgiveness.

Second is that He is moving to break generational curses that have continued to persist. If you’re like me, the Lord has already broken and delivered my family and I from a multitude of generational issues, and while I’m glad some of the baggage has been dealt with, it seems like a few elements still linger on.

The Lord has shown me that this Christmas season, He wants to both break the lingering effects of generational curses that are pressing down on you, as well as enhance and restore the generational blessing that your family was intended for.

Now that’s an amazing gift for families this year!

A Positioning of Fathers and Mothers

Something else the Lord has been speaking to me about is related to families as well. I’ve had a number of dreams where the Lord has shown me babies named “Revival” and “Awakening.” A baby, of course, has to be cared for by a family, and in the case of revival and awakening it is the spiritual mothers and fathers within the body of Christ that do this.

A recent article I wrote revealed how I felt the Lord had shown me that revival had been delayed and that He wanted the saints to pray that it would be divinely caught back up again. He did not, however, reveal to me what the purpose for the delay might have been.

Several dreams I had recently seemed to shed some light on this. In one, again I was caring for the baby “Revival,” but there was a Native American man present who was clearly identified as a “father” and intended to be instrumental in its care. In another dream similar to this, the Lord showed me—concerning the delay—that it was so that revival and awakening could have more black people in it.

Through these dreams I felt it was revealed that the “family,” or body of Christ cannot completely enter into the intended fullness of revival and awakening until more fathers and mothers of these racial components are divinely positioned within the body of Christ.

This Christmas season I see a divine shift taking place, positioning more fathers and mothers of Native American and African American lineage!

Four More Years?

Like with many of you, the election results have continued to weigh heavily on my mind. On November 14th, the Lord gave me a word in which I heard Him say, “This election is a far cry from over, we have to keep praying for the election results!” He’s repeatedly shown me that He’s allowing the turmoil surrounding the election to happen so that the whole earth might be filled with His glory.

Perhaps also like many of you, I’ve spent countless sleepless nights praying over this situation and specifically for President Trump. Then in the early hours of December 6th, I was caught up from prayer into a vision in which I found myself prophesying over President Trump. (I know if I’d been awake I would have stopped myself from prophesying or saying what I did, but remember this took place in a vision!)

Here’s what I spoke over the President: “Okay, I’m going to talk to you like I’m Father God. I want you to know I’m proud of you—you’ve done a good job. You’ve been a good and faithful servant. You’ve worked incredibly hard and sacrificed so much, and all without pay. Many times you have displayed the heart of the Father. I’m proud of you. Good job—well done—and for that reason I’M GIVING YOU FOUR MORE YEARS.” Then I woke up.

A Present To Pray and Fast For!

As I said, this vision occurred December 6th and I’m just now writing this December 15th. There are a number of reasons for that. One is that while it’s my M.O. to be more vulnerable, this is a word I would not on my own choose to share. Another important reason is that I need a release to share it, and another is that as I wrote on November 14th, I believe even words like this one can be conditional in nature in that they require agreement and participation by the body of Christ.

One thing I’m unsure of is whether this meant President Trump will still be declared winner of the 2020 election, or whether it was meant for 2024. To our natural minds there’s no way it can mean 2020. The number of ways he’s already lost—whether by media reports or through the courts—it’s honestly so bad that you can’t keep track of it all.

But the other thing is, people are just fascinated with what God is doing in the earth. I’ve never in all my years of ministry experienced so many people so fixated on what the prophets are saying right now. It is the prophets who prepare the Lord’s way—so that the whole earth will be filled with His glory! (See Isa. 40:3-5.)

What I know for sure is that I’ve heard the Lord say the only way four more years will happen is through prayer and fasting—BOTH. It reminds me of when the disciples were unable to cast out the demonic spirit from the epileptic and Jesus said, “… this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting” (Matt. 17:21, NKJV). I might not have an explanation for you as to why both—it just seems some things in the supernatural require extra effort on our part.

So where does that leave us? Concerning 2020, does looking back help anything? Not in the sense of regret, as in longing for things to go back the way they once were. But yes, in the sense that it’s becoming evident that the Lord is working behind the scenes, and that the body of Christ has come alive in a new way over the course of this past year.

Think of it this way… If President Trump—who is pro-life, pro-traditional family, pro-Israel and pro-religious liberties—were to by some miracle gain reelection in 2020, wouldn’t that be the best Christmas present to the family of Christ of all?

Friends, I think that’s a Christmas present worth both praying and fasting for!

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